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Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics is a natural skincare online store.  All products are handcrafted in California.  I name my company after my cat Buttercup who was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago and has been in remission for 3 years.  Buttercup did not go through surgery but instead received a healthy natural diet that included herbs and essentials oils.  Plants and herbs have inspired me since I was young and I always wanted to incorporate herbs into my skincare line. Buttercup has inspired me to live my dream and to think more about natural organic products.

All active ingredients used in my products have been researched extensively to ensure it will produce the results desired.  These ingredients will help consumers live a consciously healthy lifestyle.   The dry herbs in my products are infused in oils for weeks to provide great benefits to the body.   The herbs used have a long history of providing nourishment, toning or firming to the skin. 

Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics philosophy is to protect our nature and to not use synthetic raw materials, fragrances or synthetic preservatives in our products. 

All products are made in small batches and only when ordered.  

The herbs are purchased from a certified organic store who believes organic is the way of life and that takes the environment into consideration.  I strive to make products with these attributes.  I use glass packaging as much as I am able too.   The boxes used for packaging are also recyclable.


There are no middlemen between you and Buttercup Skincare cosmetics.   

Buttercups Skincare cosmetics is a female owned small business.  

The founder

At 12 years old, I became fascinated with skin, how it feels, moves, creases and how cellulite accumulates – I knew I eventually wanted to become a cosmetic scientist. Around the time I started noticing cellulite on my own skin, I got my degree in cosmetic science and started working on formulas in the industry for a few years. I will become a certified herbalist soon and want to share my knowledge in research and development, and cosmetics with natural herbs and oils to create unique, organic formulas. No chemicals or preservatives in any of these products that I test on myself. If I’m happy with them, I hope you will be too.   

I love animals, nature and the environment.  I have 3 cats and one dog and will do everything for them. I go hiking at least once week with some great people here in the Bay Area.  I also love playing tennis and have some amazing friends who play tennis with me as much as we possibly can.  If I am not playing tennis I am either doing yoga, or Pilates.  I also walk dogs in my spare time when I am not at the dog park with my dog, or spending time with my cats.  


  • Pamela Mundell

    My Skin Care products are Cruelty free
    Sustainable, non GMO raw materials are used to male these skin care products
    Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics

  • Caitlin

    are your products cruelty free? thank you

  • Pamela Mundell

    Hello Rhonda, I used the firming body butter on my cellulite and saw results within 4 weeks. I have posted before and after pictures on the product link. https://buttercupskincarecosmetics.com/collections/frontpage/products/firming-body-butter-with-gotu-kola-and-curcumin
    I do not use the anti-wrinkle lotion everyday, so that is why there is no before and after pictures. That is because I have oily skin and get breakouts a lot. But my face definitely is smoother, and I only use it at night, on occasion. My friend uses it and she loves and says that she has seen improvement in her wrinkles. Kind Regards Pamela Mundell

  • Rhonda neal

    Hi! Interested in your products. Do you have before and after pictures for wrinkle cream? Also the cellulite. Thank you

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