Me and my Buttercup

Just like many of you, I've found one of my most meaningful friendships in a pet. Buttercup is my beautiful cat and my favorite friend; we've been through a lot together over the last ten years and she has been a driving force in my pursuit to create three lines of all natural skincare products. 

Three years ago when she was diagnosed with cancer my whole world changed. Raise your hand if you've been through this? It is devastating to say the least. When recovery felt impossible, I treated her with all natural remedies, just like I would myself. I'm so pleased to report that she has been in remission for two years.

Her story of how essential oils and herbs rekindled her health is just one of many. I believe nature has given us so many valuable resources to cultivate and maintain our health. Now more than ever, I am motivated to share the all-natural skincare products I have developed so that you too can experience the lasting benefits of toxin-free cosmetics.

A little bit about my education and my passion for this line of work. I have always wanted to be a herbalist, in particular so that I can incorporate herbs, flowers and other plants into my cosmetic/skincare collections. I am currently studying Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine which informs the ingredients in the products I make. I take great care in formulating and producing my own skincare products. My skincare products are all made with infused oils and the herbs used in my products have been researched extensively to optimize the function of each product to provide results.

My products do not cure cancer since they are all used externally and they cannot treat every condition. However, my products can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, cellulite and acne-prone skin. 

Not everybody is the same and results may vary from person to person but I know you'll be able to find something that works for you! 

Check out my three lines of skincare products created for your specific skin condition:

Cellulite Reduction

Acne Treatment

Youth Renewal

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