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Buttercup and me

Me and Buttercup.   Buttercup has been cancer free for 2 years.  I have been taking care of Buttercup for the last 10 years and when she got diagnose with cancer 3 years ago my whole life crashed.   There was no hope.   I did intensive research and I put her on essential oils and herbs and she has been in remission for 2 years.   

I have always wanted to be a herbalist and wanted to incorporated herbs, and flowers and plants into my cosmetic/skincare products.   I am currently studying Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine. I take great care in formulating and producing my own skincare products.   My skincare products are all made with infused oils.  Herbs used in my products have been researched extensively to optimize the function of each product and provide results.

My products does not cure cancer since they are all used externally, and cannot treat any conditions.  My products only help with the appearance of fine lines and bumps in the skin.  Not everybody is the same and results may vary for each person.

Want to try a new Natural Skincare line that contains natural ingredients and no parabens and no fragrances?

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