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Do you suffer from cellulite and need results from no invasive surgery or expense treatments? Try my Firming Body Butter and other products like Firming Coffee Scrub or Firming Massage Oil.

A regimen to maximize your skin’s circulation, lymph drainage and health from the inside is also recommended. Dry brushing your skin every day to increase circulation and open the pores for regular discharge of metabolic wastes. The best time to dry brush is before you shower with a natural fiber brush or loofah. Warm baths or showers should be followed by a cool rinse to invigorate blood circulation and stimulate surface warmth.

Other Recommendations For Best Results:

• Use the Firming Body butter twice a day

• Take a bath with Epsom salts which can help neutralize toxins.

• Drink plenty of water before and after the bath to help flush out toxins.

Dry Brush prior to a bath or shower will improve circulation and blood flow to the skin.

Yoga or other strength exercise of the affected areas a minimum twice a week • Short burst of cardio a few minutes each day. Taking stairs instead of the elevator can accomplish this.

• Drink a cup of dandelion tea or dandelion root coffee every day

• Drink a cup of green tea every day

Exercise 3-5 times a week

• Drink a warm glass of water mixed with a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar (Mother) and a teaspoon of lemon juice and some honey every morning prior to eating.

Attach is a before and after picture of my cellulite.   The after picture was taken a month after the before picture.   I did not change my eating habits or my exercise routine.   

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