Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics Natural Skincare line

So Cellulite is why I became a cosmetic scientist in the first place, but besides that I love skincare products.   Then I learned about the ingredients that goes into these products and how 90% of these products does not naturally occur in nature but is synthesize.  Some of these are not even close to what nature represents at all. Never mind the artificial coloring that goes into these products.  Then I started working in a cosmetic research and development lab and the company wanted to use the cheapest ingredients to make their products.  This is not what I believed in.

I moved to the USA and I didn’t earn a lot of money so I had to buy the cheap skincare products.   I was in my 20s and had bad acne. When I started making more money I was too busy with work to do real research and I just wanted my acne to go away.  I started using some of the fad products out there that helped with acne, but it dried out my skin and now I have eczema.   Then in my 30s my cellulite got worst and I have tried every product on the market.  I really didn’t care what these products contain.  I just wanted to use something that made the appearance of my cellulite look better without invasive surgery. 

I read about natural ingredients, like turmeric and gotu kola,  that help with the appearance of cellulite and then I wonder why these magnificent ingredients are not formulated in these cellulite products  I use.      So I decided to create my own cellulite product that contains more than 10+ active natural ingredients and yes I saw results. 

I create my products for myself, I use them on myself and I love my products because I know what the ingredients are in my  products and I see results and my skin is feeling better and looking glowy.  Since I am so happy with my natural skincare line I have decided to make it for everybody else out there.    

And I am selling my products for all consumers at affordable prices. Buy them on this link.


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