Why do you get Cellulite?

Toxins build up in the body tissues under the skin and these saturated fatty pockets pushes up against the connective tissue which appears as a dimply cottage cheese on the skin. The toxins that accumulated in the fatty tissue are difficult to eliminate since they are heavy and sticky.

Cellulite indicates that there is a lymph drainage problem and the person should undergo a cleansing or detoxification. About 80% of women have cellulite.

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Why do women develop cellulite? Your skin start to loses its elasticity when you age, weight changes, post pregnancy, hormonal changes, poor lymphatic drainage, fluid retention, genetics, lack of exercise and bad diet. Why does these fat tissues get loaded with toxins? We breathe toxins daily, we consume toxins from food and when we are stressed our body produces toxins within the body. Our bodies can eliminate these toxins, but these toxins can get too much and then the body stores these excess toxins within the fat cells and the more it stores these toxins, the bigger and more uneven these fat cells get, and the connective tissue start to loose its elasticity and then it show up as cellulite. Cellulite restricts the flow of blood and fluid in your skin and body. This causes the fat cells to enlarge and the cellulite gets worst.

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