Cellulite Coffee Firming products

Cellulite mostly affects women, and your legs aren’t the only place you’ll see it. You can notice the appearance of cellulite anywhere were fatty tissues can build up, that means stomach, butt and arms. In my previous blog I discussed using Coffee scrub to combat cellulite and why coffee was good to help with the appearance of cellulite. Coffee scrubs can be messy so if you are looking for other products containing coffee with no mess, look no further.

Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics Firming body butter and Firming massage oil contains Green Arabica coffee oil. Green Arabica coffee contains essential fatty acids, sterols and Vitamin E which help to protect the skin against DNA degeneration. Arabica coffee oil increases elastin and collagen production which helps to smooth wrinkles and helps to firm and tone the skin. Arabica coffee oil also contains the same benefits as fresh coffee grounds that are used in coffee scrubs. Cocoa Butter and Coconut oil were added to the firming body butter and together with the coffee oil will help to protect the skin against loss of moisture. You do need to use one of these firming products containing coffee/caffeine daily to see results. You do not have to use each one of them daily but at least one of these products daily. I personally use the Body butter twice a day.

The body butter is a hard texture so you have to massage it in for a few minutes. All these products work with massage, since massage is very stimulating and will open the skin pores to let more of these products great ingredients deeper into the skin. All Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics Firming products contain other wonderful infused herbs and essential oils that is beneficial for the appearance of cellulite. And all of these ingredients together with Coffee/Caffeine will work synergistically together to combat cellulite.

Do you need a good coffee scrub that will help with the appearance of your cellulite?


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