Cupping for cellulite

Cupping is the suction of the skin surface. The cup creates a vacuum that pulls up the skin, pulling inner congestion and heat in the body upwards and out. This help with blood flow, and improve blood circulation which in turns helps with the disappearance with cellulite.

I usually do cupping when I use my Firming Massage oil, because it easily helps to move the cups along on the surface on the skin, by rubbing it.

After the cups are removed the skin will appear slightly discolored or even bruised. This may take several days to clear, but it is not painful and the bruises will disappear. Usually bruises will form when there is fluid stagnation. You can purchase a plastic cupping set from amazon.

Cupping should not be done during high fever, cramps or over allergic skin conditions, ulcerated sores or on the abdomen of pregnant women.

When you want to keep the cups in place you should pump the cup three times. Cups should be retained in place from 5-15 minutes, depending on the strength of the suction. If you want to do rubbing of the cups you can pump it up twice so that the cups can be rub on the surface on the skin. It’s a little painful, but the pain goes away after you have done it for a little while. Do not overdue do it. I would suggest rubbing for about 15 minutes Especially in hot weather the cupping should not be too long

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