Essential oils for acne Part 2

Essential oils are concentrated versions of the natural oils found in plants.  Essential oils kill bacteria that cause acne, and can therefore help to prevent future outbreaks.   That is why you can find many wonderful essential oils in Witch Hazel Acne Toner with strawberry leaves.  

 Here are some of the essential oils and their functions.

  • Lavender essential oil helps to reduce the build-up of bacteria and oil production on the skin and keeps the skin calm.   Too much oil can be a problem during hormone changes.  Lavender also help to reduce and heal scars by increasing cell growth and regeneration.   
  • Ylang-ylang essential oil has antimicrobial and astringent properties which help to reduce oil production that causes breakouts.   It helps to make the skin look and feel younger by  promoting cellular regeneration. 
  • Bergamot oil has antiseptic and antibacterial effects, which help to  regulate sebum secretion and cleanses the skin.   It also promote wound healing and regeneration.

But just remember we are all different and everybody skin is different so essential oils might not clear your skin as fast you want.  You need to use this product everyday consistently to see results. 

Also incorporate the following healthy lifestyles to help decrease and prevent acne.   Drink enough water, eat healthy organic food, exercise and do not touch your face. 

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