Firming Massage oil - Dandelion benefits

So we already discussed how the lymphatic system is responsible for causing cellulite and how the lymph helps to flush out toxins. So that means to get rid of cellulite we need to flush out toxins from the body.

I have infused Dandelion, a common weed, or one of my favorite herbs, into Buttercup skincare Cosmetics Firming Massage oil. Dandelion helps to flush out waste products from the liver so that the liver can work more efficiently in getting rid of toxins. I either drink dandelion tea or dandelion coffee on a weekly basis to help flush out toxins. You can find dandelion tea in any supermarket and Dandelion coffee or Dandy blend are sold in many health stores. You can buy Dried Dandelion flowers and Dandelion Roots in many herb stores to make your own tea or coffee blend. Dandelion contains high levels of potassium which help with getting rid of fluids within the body. Therefore Dandelion acts as a diuretic.

If you suffer from Cellulite oil and love massage oil, try out this product.

Firming Massage oil

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