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At 12 years old, I became fascinated with skin, how it feels, moves, creases and how cellulite accumulates – I knew I eventually wanted to become a cosmetic scientist. Around the time I started noticing cellulite on my own skin, I got my degree in cosmetic science and started working on formulas in the industry for a few years. I currently work in clinical research for pharmaceuticals, will become a certified herbalist soon and want to share my knowledge in research and development, and cosmetics with natural herbs and oils to create unique, organic formulas. No chemicals or preservatives in any of these products that I test on myself. If I’m happy with them, I hope you will be too. 

About Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics

I developed natural skincare line combines the best qualities of plants, flowers, trees and oils, into specialized formulas to firm, smooth and moisturize the skin. Body Butters, scrubs and oils activate within the skin’s biology to fight free radicals that break down collagen. Ingredients are mixed with care to not only produce superior results often better than high end mall brands, but synergy of essential oils and texture can produce calming and invigorating aromatherapy benefits.  

Buttercup Skincare Cellulite Treatment Products.

I tried many products and treatments, cellulite creams, salves, oils. None worked well for me. Expensive treatments, such as endermologie and infrared treatments worked for a while, but over time the cellulite always came back, making the time and expense an ongoing commitment.

Buttercup cellulite treatment products contain natural ingredients that work deep within the skin to counteract the conditions that contribute to lumpy, dimpled skin tone. Rosemary, Geranium, Grapefruit, and Juniper essential oil are included for stimulating properties. Vitamin C and Coffee extract, stimulate circulation in the lymphatic system to reduce puffiness, swelling and the oxidative stress that weakens collagen fibers.  Frankincense, Myrrh and Vitamin A and E help to stabilize collagen which keeps the skin firm. Ayurveda herbs, including Manjistha, Haritaki, Turmeric oil, Ginger and Gotu Kola, will also keep the lymph moving, to improve circulation and detoxify. Regular treatment combined with diet, exercise and proper hydration will help increase circulation and restore your skin's tone and freshness.

No two bodies are the same, and effectiveness will vary, but regular use with my recommended regimen can potentially produce results within 4 weeks.

Want to use a product that helps smooth out cellulite? 

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