Horse Chestnut benefits for cellulite

Horse Chestnut is an important herb for fighting cellulite.  

Firming Scrub, Firming Massage oil, Firming Body Lotion and Firming Body Wash by Buttercup Skincare cosmetics contains Horse Chestnut to help fight cellulite and to firm the skin.

Horse Chestnut contains aescin, which help to strengthen the veins and the capillaries of the body.   This will help to improve the circulation of blood to the cellulite.  Therefore Horse chestnut will also help to improve varicose veins which can cause cellulite.  Horse Chestnut will help to tone the muscles of the body which is important to improve body form.  Horse Chestnut is also anti-inflammatory that will help to soothe away cellulite inflammation.  Horse Chestnut also help to reduce excess fluids in tissues which help to reduce the swelling that is accompanied with cellulite.   Applied topically it can prevent bruising.  


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