Ingredients for wrinkles

As skin cells become less active the collagen matrix providing structure and firmness begins to break down and skin becomes thinner and dehydrated resulting in development of lines and wrinkles.   Grapeseed oil in the anti-wrinkle lotion will helps to enhance the elasticity of collagen, and reduces the rate at which it breaks down.    It will also help to improve the blood circulation in the legs, which means lesser deposit of stubborn fatty substances in the body.   The grapeseed oil consists of anti-oxidants that help in improving the skin tone of the body.    Vitamin C infused in cellulite products will help to increase collagen production. Helichrysum essential oil helps rejuvenate the skin to reduce wrinkles and fine lines by replacing old skin cell with new skin cells. Helichrysum with Frankincense essentials oil for wrinkles may also decrease the appearance of scars and age spots and making the skin look more firm, and glowing. Frankincense will also help to improve elasticity.

Anti-wrinkle lotion,  Anti-wrinkle body butter and Firming Lotion by Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics contains all of these ingredients to help firm the skin.  



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