Personal cellulite struggle

Last year in 2017 I developed a cellulite firming product and used it on myself with great results. I was also following a natural healthy diet and daily exercise routine. I learned how to cup and started cupping or rub the cups on the areas that have severe cellulite, for me the thighs and legs.  

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I jump on my trampoline and do Pilates once a week and yoga twice a week and played tennis on a regular basis. I also do weight lifting about twice a week and I hike about 12 miles once a week.  

And then my dad died and things went downhill for me.  I still tried to keep my positive side up and continue with my regimen, but then my wedding venue cancelled my wedding and stole my money.   As of today he has still not paid me back and I had to cancel my wedding cause I could not find a locate a wedding venue for the same date as planned.  And then certain friends started abandoning me and then my anger started.  I have been angry for awhile and have neglected my routine and started eating too much junk food .

Tennis made me happy, but then I got tennis elbow, so no more tennis, no more weight lifting and no more yoga.   

Junk food, sedative lifestyle and especially ANGER can wreak havoc on your joints and then cellulite.  Even though I can still fit in my clothes, my muscles have started to sag and the appearance of my cellulite is showing more and the pain in my elbow gotten worst.

I am getting back on my routine but first thing is to get rid of my anger, by getting acupuncture, going to the sauna, stop eating junk food and getting a massage every month.  I drink a shot of apple cider vinegar in the morning.   Started doing yoga and pilates again even though my arm hurts.   Overall taking care of myself again and keeping anger at bay, which is the main culprit for digestive issues and then related medical conditions, like pain and toxins accumulating that causes cellulite. 

If it was not for the Firming body butter that I applied twice a day on my cellulite during this time I am pretty sure my cellulite appearance would have appeared worst.  And then I have to thank for all of the support I have received from all of my friends all over the whole world during this difficult time.  


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