Spinach is a Win for Your Skin

It’s National Spinach Day! Who even knew that was a thing? Regardless, National Spinach Day is a good excuse to offer up some information about how what you eat can benefit your skin and give you some ideas for which foods to start adding to your diet today -- spinach is at the top of the list!

Old skin cells are constantly replaced by new skin cells and proper nutrition is vital for this rapid, ongoing process. Antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables provide the nutrients needed to keep your skin happy and healthy. A few of these skin-saving nutrients include beta carotene, vitamins C and E, and selenium. 

Due to its’ antioxidant properties, research has shown that beta carotene keeps your skin healthy and radiant. Spinach is one beta carotene-packed vegetable to consider adding your diet as well as carrots, sweet potatoes, dark leafy greens, broccoli, and peas (the list goes on but these are just a few of my favorites).

Vitamin C also contains cancer-fighting antioxidant properties and promotes the production of collagen, the protein that strengthens the skin’s elasticity. As we age collagen production decreases making it even more important to eat foods that contain vitamin C such as, SPINACH! That’s right, in addition to the citrus fruits we usually associate with having large amounts of vitamin C, spinach and broccoli are also good sources of this skin-strengthening nutrient.  

Vitamin E is an antioxidant that helps protect the skin from sun damage. Sun damage, as you may already know, can cause wrinkles and dark spots. Similarly, selenium is an antioxidant that has also been shown to protect your skin from cancer caused by sun exposure, sun damage, and age spots. To add more vitamin E and selenium to your diet, you guessed it, spinach has it. Also, look to nuts and seeds for these two nutrients -- I love adding nuts and seeds to salads for a crunch and the extra vitamin boost. Selenium can also be found in tomatoes and broccoli, so add those to your list too!

Who knew spinach contained so many nutrients that benefit the skin? Now that you know, will you be adding spinach to your diet?

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