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Benefits of Rose Hydrosol for Acne

Rose hydrosol, contained in my Coconut Hydrating Mist with Hibiscus and Rose, provides a myriad of benefits for your skin. Cleansing and calming, rose hydrosol is safe for all skin types and can be especially beneficial for acne-prone skin.   Rose Hydrosol for Cleansing Rose hydrosol is an effective cleanser or toner because of its antiseptic properties, it's rich vitamin C content as well as it's pH balancing effects. As an antiseptic, rose hydrosol cleanses to help slow the growth of acne-causing bacteria which helps prevent infection. Similarly, rose hydrosol's high vitamin C content helps treat blemishes and improve the overall health of your skin. Rose hydrosol also has the effect of balancing the skin's pH levels. Balancing your skin's pH levels can help prevent the growth of...

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