Whole Ayurvedic Herbs in my Firming products to help fight Cellulite

One of the reasons you can develop cellulite is genetics. People who are lean can still develop cellulite because their skin is naturally thin, and therefore the connective tissue in the skin will start to break down.   A good remedy to keep cellulite away is to keep the skin healthy internally with proper intake of food and externally by applying products that does not contain any ingredients that can cause toxicity in the body.   Cellulite products that are natural with no toxins and made with whole plants are just part of Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics Firming collection.

Herbs will help to prevent and reduce the appearance of cellulite.   Here are some of the amazing herbs in my Cellulite products and their effects on cellulite.

Pippali or Long pepper is a warming herb that will invigorate and improve circulation.    Better circulation helps the lymphatic system and a better lymphatic system will move out fatty toxins out of the body and therefore improve the appearance of cellulite. 

Haritaki detoxifies the body and remove toxins from the internal layers of the skin, and therefore improve the appearance of cellulite.   It contains anti-oxidants like Vitamin C, magnesium and other minerals to bring forth a healthy skin. 

Manjistha is a bitter, astringent herb that helps to cleanse and purify the skin.   It is a potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory which will improve circulation, and remove toxins from the body.   

This is just three of the great herbs and their amazing actions in my cellulite products.

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