Why do females get cellulite?

Females develop cellulite due to hormonal influences, genetics and ageing. These influences will affect the connective tissue in the top layer of the skin which can worsen the appearance of cellulite.

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• Poor blood circulation and lymphatic drainage and ageing will contribute to the skin to become loose and wrinkly. The decreased blood flow to the skin in this area will cause swelling from fluid accumulation, and will hasten the development of cellulite.

• The enzyme collagenase breaks down collagen which is a protein within the connective tissue. This enzyme gets released before a women menstrual cycle, and this will also make the skin wrinkly and loose and cause more cellulite to develop.

• There are also columns of connective collagen fibers that give the skin structure between the skin tissues which can also become weakened. When fat accumulates between these columns of collagen fibers it will cause the fat to bulge which results in the dimpling affect.

• When you are under stress, the hormone cortisol is secreted and this will encourage fat to accumulate in cellulite prone areas.

• Cellulite is also because of unhealthy eating and sedentary lifestyle. However, lifestyle modifications may assist to reduce the appearance of cellulite by decreasing the fat that accumulates and cause the dimpling effect.

A topical product will need to help with all of these causes and should be applied everyday to beneficial. Buttercupskincarecosmetics Firming body butter contains ingredients that help to build collagen, improve lymph and blood circulation and provide healthy nutrients to the skin to prevent ageing.


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