Why do I use Neem oil in all of my products.

You can find Neem oil in all of my products.  

Products are all from a Natural Skincare line - Focusing on Firming products.

I use neem oil in all of my products because it is rich in essential fatty acids (EFAs), triglycerides, Quercetin, vitamin E and calcium, and therefore it is very nourishing to the skin. These elements penetrate deep within the skin to heal cracks brought on by severe dryness. The Fatty acids present in neem oil are oleic acid (52.8 percent), linoleic acid (2.1 percent), palmitic acid (12.6 percent) and stearic acid (21.4 percent).

The fatty acids and vitamin E in neem oil are easily absorbed into the skin without leaving the skin greasy. These ingredients will rejuvenate the skin’s cells and restore elasticity. Vitamin E is free radical scavenger, which means they help to prevent oxidation within the skin. Oxidation causes ageing of the skin. Neem oil will therefore help to promote soft and supple skin. Neem oil stimulates collagen production and therefore will help to smooth out wrinkles and fine lines while helping to prevent the signs of aging.

Neem oil is also an antimicrobial and will help with skin inflammation. The high fatty-acid content in neem oil will prevent and treat scars from acne and is non-comedogenic, and will help to tighten pores.



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