Why I created my own cellulite cream

Buttercup Skincare Cosmetics is a natural skincare online store which was named after my cat, Buttercup, who was diagnosed with cancer 3 years ago. She is now in remission. Buttercup did not go through surgery but instead received a healthy natural diet that included herbs and essentials oils. She has inspired me to live my dream and to think more about natural organic products. The herbs used have a long history of providing nourishment, toning or firming to the skin.

When I was 12 years old, I became fascinated with skin - how it feels, moves, creases and how cellulite accumulates. I also loved cosmetics and knew I eventually wanted to become a cosmetic scientist. I noticed cellulite on my own skin when I was about 12 years old.   I have done endermologie and infrared treatment that does work, but is very costly and when you stop these treatments the cellulite will reappear again. 

I have tried many lotions and creams for cellulite and none works.  When I read the ingredient listings on these products I am surprised that most of these cellulite products only contains 2 active ingredients.  When I know that there is a lots of herbs, Essential oils and vitamins etc out there that can help with cellulite. 

I created my own anti-cellulite cream with all the ingredients I know that worked for cellulite in one specific product. I started to massage the product onto my legs twice a day and noticed a difference. I want to share my success story with other people who also suffer from those awful dimples as much as I do. No chemicals or preservatives are used in any of the products that I test on myself. If I’m happy with them, I hope you will be too. 

I keep an active lifestyle by playing tennis, hiking , Yoga,  Pilates, weight training and jumping on my trampoline.  

Regular treatment combined with diet, exercise and proper hydration will help increase circulation and restore your skin's tone and freshness. No two bodies are the same, and effectiveness will vary, but regular use with my recommended regimen can potentially produce results within 4 weeks.



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