Yoga and Trampoline for cellulite

We have already mentioned that decreased circulation can be a cause of cellulite. Also cellulite is a lymph thing, so focus on circulation and on how to help to move the lymph will help to reduce cellulite.

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When you jump on a trampoline it increases circulation to the lower portion of the body, which will help with the appearance of cellulite. Lymphatic system doesn’t have a pump, so therefore lymph doesn’t move on its own and will need some help. Peristalsis will help to move the lymph and this is stimulated by your body movements and by breathing.

This is why Yoga that combines moving with breathing will help to move the lymph. Bikram yoga is really good for cellulite as the heat will accelerate detoxification through the skin and the yoga will help with movement of the lymph. You can also go sit in the sauna before or after a yoga session for the same effect. Jumping on a trampoline will improve the lymphatic flow and can help to reduce body fat.

Massage also help to improve the circulation of the lymph which reduces cellulite. Foam rollers help to loosen the muscle fibers and muscle tissue which helps to improve the circulation.

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