coconut hydrating
Coconut Hydrating Mist with Hibiscus and Rose Flowers - 4 oz
coconut hydrating mist
hibiscus and rose flower

Coconut Hydrating Mist with Hibiscus and Rose Flowers - 4 oz

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This product is handmade with love and care containing wholesome all natural ingredients.   I have experimented a long time mixing the correct ingredients to create this product that shows results within a month.   I personally make and label and hand pack each product.

 Made from 100% all natural ingredients, this Coconut water Hydrating Mist will add a boost of hydration and nourishment to your skin. Hibiscus flowers are naturally rich in malic and citric acid. These two acids, when paired with lactic acid, will provide exfoliation and speeds up cell turnover.   Lactic Acid will help to unclog the pores and gives your skin and gives your skin an even tone.   Rose water and Green tea are high in antioxidants and are excellent in reducing inflammation and redness. Coconut water will instantly rehydrate the skin and provides a new glow to the skin.  This product does not contain any fragrances or parabens. Fragrance comes from natural ingredients and hydrosols.

 Active herbal ingredients include

  • Chamomile Hydrosol, Tulsi Hydrosol and Aloe Vera to reduce inflammation and calms the skin. 
  • Lavenderflower will soften all skin types.
  • Witch Hazel is an astringent that removes excess oil and dirt and shrink down pores and treats blemishes.

Directions for use: Facial misting should be done after cleansing the skin and before moisturizing in the morning and before bed. Spritz the hydrating mist during the day as needed to freshen up and rehydrate the skin as needed. Shake well before using.  - some of the active ingredients will settle on the bottom.  nactive ingredients:  Honeysuckle is a natural preservative.

For Better results store the Hydrating Mist in the Fridge.

Warning:  All products are intended to be used externally only.   Keep away from children and pets. It can be dangerous to ingest facial toner or get it in your eye.  If irritation or an adverse reaction occurs after using a facial toner, immediately discontinue use and consult a doctor.

Caution:  Contains whole herbs and essential oils.  Consult physician before using if pregnant or breastfeeding. 

This Mist pH is between 4-5.  This is good for the skin as it keeps the natural acid mantle intact.